Fight to the Finish

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In one of the closest finishes in recent memory, the Mohawk edged the Tuscarora to capture the 110th annual Great Indian Relay Race, held Wednesday morning on, and around Long Pond.

The event was the final all-boys contest during Indian Games 2014.  The race covers a course approximately eight miles long, featuring running, biking, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, portaging and swimming.  The final leg, a 1.75 miles run over a hilly course, began with Papouto of the Tuscarora leading the way, with Joseph, running anchor for the Mohawk just behind.  “He started about 20 seconds before I did (officially 23 seconds),” said Joseph.  “My strategy was to keep him in my sight at first, stay with him, and pass at the right time.”

That right time occurred during the last half-mile.  “Joe passed me on the hill up to Pok-O-MacCready,” said Papouto, relayrace01who ended up second.  “I felt good but it was hard.  I’ve never run that far before.”

The margin of victory was less than 30 seconds.  All five tribes were also judged on the accuracy of a 20-word message they were required to memorize.  (See final results of the event HERE).

“This was one of the best relays I’ve ever seen,” said Indian Games co-director Caleb Balderston.  “At the midway point, the start of the portage and canoe leg, all five tribes were separated by less than ten yards.  It was a wide open race!”


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