Three Pok-O Alumni Conquer Oregon’s Highpoint!


From left to right: Shafir, Herbert, Levine, and Bauer at the top of Mount Hood. Not pictured: Judy Konowitz

In perfect weather and terrain conditions and under a full moon, camp alumni Peter Levine (46er #1160), Dan Herbert (#3919W), and Eric Bauer (#3240W) along with climbing partner, Gil Shafir reached the summit of Mount Hood, the highest point in Oregon.

The group of four set off at just after midnight on July 11th. From the parking lot, the summit was only 4 short miles away, but over 5,000 ft elevation, a glacier and a 50 degree headwall stood as the group’s challenges.  Over the course of the next 4 hours, the four climbers made their way up the mountain’s glacier to an elevation of 10,400 ft above sea level.  All that remained was the last 1000 feet of elevation to make the summit.

Mount Hood stands at 11,200 ft asl and is a 2 hour drive from Portland. Over the past several years, Levine, Herbert and Bauer have set a goal of reaching the top of the highest point in every US state. The trio have traveled together to the back country of Wyoming, the mesas of Oklahoma and the rolling hills of western Kansas. For Levine and Herbert, Hood was the last major mountain that stood in their way of completing their 50 state goal; Bauer still needs to climb Rainer to reach that milestone.

From the 10,400 ft mark, the team made their way around the glacier’s bergschrund and ascended the headwall inHood2 just under an hour. By that time, the sun was just rising in the east and Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainer could clearly been seen to the north. Bauer on reaching the summit at that time “It was a spectacular sight and a well-deserved gift!”

Having summited so many mountains together, the long-time camp friends have developed some peak “traditions” most of which can’t be mentioned in this blog. Herbert said of the traditions “I can’t understand why Bauer and Levine have to hug on the top of each peak. I tried it this time and it wasn’t so bad.”

After smelling the roses on top, the group left to make the descent back to the parking lot. By 8 am, they were back down and safely off the mountain. “Now we’re off to the lofty heights of the Midwest!l” said Levine.


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