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The first of two horse shows hosted by Camp MacCready in 2014 was held Sunmacshow115day, with several dozen riders competing for ribbons, and pride, in front of their friends, as well as visiting family.

The show featured nine divisions with 36 camp riders, the largest lineup for any show this summer.  MacCready girls (and a few Pok-O boys) earned dozens of ribbons, along with Class champion and reserve champion honors (see a full list of riders and awards HERE).  “I rode Summit and it was very fun,” said Gwen T.  “There were a lot of good riders in the class that I competed in, so I’m happy.”

Camp’s riding director Sue Bagli was quick to salute all of the top finishers, but added special praise to a few of the day’s top performances.  “I was especially proud of Maillane,” Bagli said.  “She had a very skittish horse and she worked so hard to get her around the course.”

macshow109Bagli also cited Tor for his enthusiasm.  Riding in the lead line class, Tor seemed to be more concerned with making sure everyone was having fun (“Isn’t this great?”) then he was with his placing.

The most important lesson campers learn in riding class, and horse shows,  is that equestrian is a team sport:  rider and horse.  “My horse was being good,” said Tess, a class champion.  “It was a difficult course, but she knew the jumps, and it allowed me to do well.”  Other comments about the shows and horses from various riders:

“I rode an awesome horse, Mumford.  So, it was fun all around!”    – Remimacshow103

“I rode Deniro.  He was all right, but being difficult over a few jumps.  He did really well on the flat course, so we had to work through some nerves at first, for sure.”  – Sierra

“It was really fun because I was on Mocha.  I realized, when I got on, that I couldn’t psyche myself out by looking at other people.  I had to just be myself, in order to win.”  – Leah B

“It was pretty cool because I had Mumford.  Since I have him for most of my lessons, he was listening, unlike some other horses.”  – Sophie H

“I rode Bailey and he listened well, which makes me really proud.  I’ve never gotten reserve Champion before!”  – Emily W

See full horse show lineup and Champions list HERE


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