Class Profile: Music

music01With a beautiful classroom backdrop of lake and mountains, and an intimate and manageable class size, Music class is the perfect place for campers to learn new songs, new chords and new techniques, all while exploring their passion.

“I love the mix of freedom, and the ability to jam,” said Thomas, who serves as a lead guitarist, and backup vocalist.  He’s joined by fellow guitar player and singer Caroline C.  “I’m really excited about learning more songs and chords.”

“In each class,” said guitar teacher Tim Singer, “we have spent a mix of time on group instruction, individual instruction, and just playing songs.  The people (below us) at the boat docks say it sounds pretty good!”

“I like how into music these guys are,” says lead instructor Chris Vonderlin, who adds music05rhythm to the group on his acoustic drum.  “They have already played their songs at Moonshiners and vespers, and they sound great!”

Stuart, the musical novice of the group, is still exploring instruments, both musically and technically.  “I really liked fixing the drums.  We learn both how to play, and how to take care of instruments.”

And, as lead vocalist in the class, Owen G acts as unofficial spokesperson.  “It’s so chill.  We talk about music.  And then we play!”

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