Class Profile: Volleyball

volleyball01Long played at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, the sport of volleyball has kicked into high gear in the 21st century, thanks in part to the experience and enthusiasm brought in by boy’s camp Headmaster Josh Bornt.

“The great part about this class is that there is no limit to the number of kids that can be in a class,” Bornt says.  “So we have dozens of players who spend a bit of time on drills and fundamentals, and a lot of time playing.”

Another staff member, Sebastian Moody, is a veteran of the beach volleyball scene in southern California.  “I love to play back home, and class at Pok-O brings the fun of volleyball here, making it enjoyable for everyone.”

While they are improving at the game (“I love to serve,” claims Eve L), campers enjoy the sport, as well as the social component of volleyball class.

volleyball02“I see all of my friends, and learn more about volleyball,” says Sophie BHannah Br. adds that “I get to talk to my friends, mingle with new campers, and play a sport I’ve never done before.”

“I like volleyball,” says Brandon F, “because it’s a good challenge, and it gets me pumped up to get a spike!”

While volleyball class will continue throughout the summer, the program will enjoy it’s biggest day later this week, when the 110th annual Pok-O Closed Volleyball Tournament is held.



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