46er #363

JuliaD01Nearly 60 years after Duane Nash III became Pok-O-MacCready’s first Adirondack Forty-Sixer, Julia D became camp’s 363rd, finishing her climbing quest Tuesday afternoon on Colden Mountain.  She was joined by her brother, sister, and a slew of camp friends, all of whom collaborated to file the following report.

At 11:46, and 46 seconds, Julia D finished on Colden!  “It feels awesome to be a 46er,” is how Julia simply put it.

The finish took place in cloudy conditions, prompting the following remarks.

“I almost finished at a false peak, but then we realized our mistake!”  – Julia

“And then, when we got to the top, we had to covertly check the map to make sure we were there” – Hannah Ba.

JuliaD06“There wasn’t a view, because we were in a cloud, but the hike was great!”  – Paige

The summit feast included marshmallows, Oreos, Mountain Dew, chocolate cake, Nutella, and the obligatory baby food, required to be downed, in it’s entirety, by the guest of honor.

“My baby food was banana.  It was gross, but I did it!”  – Julia

“It (baby food) was all smooth around the edges but chunky in the middle.  It was nasty!” – Emma (sister and counselor)

10juliaD“Nobody cried.  It was a good group; it was awesome!” – Sara R

“It was just us C.I.T.’s and some ADV‘s, so it was a great group!” – Isabel and Katie

The group considered the best part of the day to be an impromptu mud fight, staged about two miles from the finish of the hike.

“On the way down, we got into a huge mud fight at Marcy Dam, and it was so fun!”  Jenna

“We’re tired and dirty, and we like it that way!”  – Paige



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