The Great Indian Boat Carnival

PokoBoat08The second Indian Games competition of the summer for the boys was won by the Mohawk, a fact which delighted the tribe in red, and even pleased some opponent braves.  “As a Seneca,” said Dean, “I want our tribe to win.  But if not us, then the Mohawk.  It’s kind of funny that they never win, but it’s been way too long!” (see historical Indian Games Results).

The Great Indian Boat Carnival consists of a slew of fun and diverse contests, utilizing rowboats, surf boards, kayaks, canoes and playaks.  There was also a fishing derby, as well as the always hotly contested “Sink the Bismark” (see PHOTO OF THE DAY).

The event was decided in an epic conclusion, a nearly one mile canoe race that was decided in the final few yards, as the Mohawk passed the Cayuga.

“We were just behind them,” said Thomas B, assistant Chief for the Mohawk, “but they cut into the PokoBoat15finish too early and we went right by.”  In that same event, the Tuscarora, with Damien and Spencer, accidentally swamped their boat at the very start of the race.  “We jumped in too hard and turtled,” said Damien.  The pair regrouped and, surprisingly, did not finish last in the race.  “If we hadn’t flipped,” added Spencer, “we would have won.”

The first win of the year by the Mohawk puts them into a tie for third overall, but only one point behind a two-way tie for the overall Indian Games lead.  The boat carnival was the final event prior to Indian Days:  A two-day, eight event extravaganza scheduled for July 22-23.


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