Lead Lines, Cross Rails and High Jumps

A group of 14 Camp MacCready equwillowhill02estriennes traveled to Willow Hill Farm Sunday morning for the summer’s first competitive horse show.  While small in numbers, the camp riders were large in successes, garnering several dozen ribbons.

First place winners included Tess, in the short stirrup division; Carrie G in Leadline; Emily W in walk-trot command; and Nora C in walk-trot pleasure.  (See a list of all riders HERE).  “It was really exciting,” said Carrie.  “The weather was good; not too hot.  Mocha (horse) was good to ride.”

Nora had some fun with the victory, at thwillowhill01e expense of her friends.  “There were seven girls in my class and the best part was beating Cate.  She’s been riding for five years and I’ve been riding only two, so I rubbed it in her face!”  Of course, Nora concluded this comment with a laugh, with Cate standing next to her.  For her part, Cate reported that “we all had fun!”

While denied a first place, veteran rider Leah B did well, and said that “the best part (of going to horse shows) is the experience of getting better; plus, I like to see what other camps are like.”

Sue Bagli, Pok-O-MacCready riding director, singled out a few standout performances, but emphasized that the best part of the show was the perseverance on the part of virtually every camper “who were competing against riders who specialize in this every day.  It was a great show!”

Bagli said that many more MacCready girls will be in the saddle next Sunday, as camp hosts it’s first of two MacCready horse shows.


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