Seneca Roll in Rolas

With Indian Days still ten dmacrolas01ays away, the girls of Camp MacCready have already competed in two events, with the tribe in yellow coming out on top in both.

On Saturday afternoon at the MacCready field, the Seneca scored a narrow victory in Iroquois Nation Rolas, the oldest game known to man.  Playing in a round robin format, the Seneca bettered the Tuscarora by a single point.  “We are a well built team,” said Sophie H of the winning tribe.  “Especially our younger team, which did not lose a game (three wins and one tie).”  The second place Tuscarora remain in first in the overall Indian Games standings.  “We were really close behind and are still doing well, so that’s good,” exclaimed Sophie L.

Rolas is a game, unique to Pok-O-MacCready, in which tribe members are responsible for propelling three macrolas07softball-like “rolas” into the opponents base, while preventing the opposing tribe from doing the same.  “It was fun,” said Sienna, who despite finishing in last place with her Onondagas said “Well, at the end, in the last game we finally won.  So we finished on a good note.”

In a running story, the Mohawk, denied an Indian Games overall title for over a decade, finished fourth on Saturday.  “We had a fourth place,” said Abbi, “beating the Onondaga.  When were not fifth, it’s good!”

On Sunday, the Pok-O boys are scheduled to take part in the Great Indian Boat Carnival, weather permitting.  Read all about the 2014 Indian Games, with photos, tribal lists and more, HERE


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