Class Profile: Tennis

Tennis03Located in what is called “The Pok-O Plex” are the five hard courts used for tennis class.  In a usual class, time is spent at first on drills, with breakout sessions of small group or individual instruction.  Players are also able to practice – during class, and on their free time – at the tennis backboard.

The second part of class is usually the time for creative games, with the emphasis on improving skills, while the last part of class is for playing tennis, plain and simple.  “I love to teach this sport,” says counselor Sofia Oliva, from Spain, “because I love the sport, and enjoy watching the kids improve.”

Claudia is in total agreement, “I love this class because I love the sport,” while Lily takes it a step further.  “This class is fun because you get to play a great sport with friends.”

Tennis02Other comments:

Sophie H:  “It’s fun to practice your amazing skills!”

Eliza:  “When we win games, it’s great, and you can win prizes.”

Sophie B:  “I love this class because of the counselor, and because it’s fun.”

Fun will segue into competition in the weeks ahead, as Pok-O-MacCready will face off against North Country Camps in a dual-camp tournament, while the Pok-O Open all-amp tourney is scheduled for the second session.  (Note:  For this article, we were only able to visit a girls class; The Pok-O boys are equally represented in tennis).

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