Tribal Elections

On Thursday evening, the members of the Iroquois Nation met to elect tribal officers, while initiating new braves and princesses.  As always, the initiations were void of scary stuff, concentrating on fun alone, as seen here:


Tribal elections carry huge importance, as Indian Games are run not just for, but by the campers themselves.  CLICK HERE for a gallery of this year’s elected officers, and here is a full listing of officers.Tthis is what the 2014 Chiefs and Sachems have to say about their respective roles and responsibilities:

SONY DSCNora C (Cayuga):  “There’s a lot of pressure to win again, and equal what we did last year”

Makalu (Onondaga):  “This is a chance to test my leadership skills, work on teamwork, and help the ‘dagas to victory.”

Katya (Mohawk):  “The most important thing is making sure that everyone tries their hardest.”

Chad (Seneca Chief for 2nd time):  “Last year I was a Jedi.  This year I’m a Jedi master!”

Amelia (Seneca):  It’s gonna be challenging, but also fun and exciting.”SONY DSC

Adam D (Cayuga):  Last year, as medicine man, I learned a lot from Elrick (winning Chief), so I feel prepared.”

Leah B (Tuscarora):  “It will definitely be tough, but it should be one of the best experiences I’ll ever have here at camp.”

Damien (Tuscarora):  “I helped run things last year, so I think that experience can make a big difference.”

Nina (Onondaga):  “To do well, we will have to use a lot of people’s different strengths.”

Joe Z (Mohawk), when asked if this is the year that his tribe breaks its long drought:  A nod and a grin.


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