Class Profile: Sailing

For over a century, the boat dock has been a hub of activity ot Pok-O:

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sail08With several dozen rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and windsurfers, there’s plenty to do at the docks.  Clearly, and traditionally, the most popular boating program at camp is sailing.

Campers this year are learning plenty of skills, from rigging a boat to reading the wind, while they look to advance from crew, to skipper, to admiral.  “I really love to steer the boat,” said Tess.  “It’s fun to use the tiller.”

“I don’t know why I love sailing class,” said Sean T, “but it’s super fun.”

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Like all morning classes, sailing is coed, which Peter B certainly enjoys.  “I like hanging out with the C.I.T.’s.  They’re nice and you learn stuff from them.”

My favorite thing about sailing,” says Wyatt, “is ‘hiking’, when you run the wind.”

The camp sailors, and the Laser® and Laser2® boats will be tested several times over the summer in both all camp and inter-camp competitions, and possibly a regatta on Lake Champlain.


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