The Chocolate Game

chocolate05Some camp activities and games – Archery and Capture the Flag to name a few – are older than camp itself.

Despite embracing long standing traditions, Pok-O-MacCready prides itself on introducing new games to the program, and one such 21st century section activity is known as The Chocolate Game.

While the object is simple (win the chocolate), the pursuit can be very stressful.  “It’s fun, but it can be intense,” reviewed Remi.  “Very intense,” Tamrin agreed, “and when people don’t get the chocolate, they get sad.  But, usually, at the end, everyone gets a little chocolate anyway, although you feel better if you earn it.”

So, just how do you earn it?

“It’s kinda complicated,” explains Willow, a 10-year old Intermediate.  “You have a team, clothes in the chocolate01middle, a fork and a knife, and two dice.  If you roll doubles, you rush to the middle, put on clothes, and eat the chocolate with the fork and knife.  And you have to do it as quickly as you can.”

Who doesn’t love a chance to have some chocolate?  Answer, almost no one.  Still, experienced Chocolate Game veterans say it’s more about fun, than about candy.  “When I was younger,” said Caroline C, “it was all about the chocolate.  Now, as a Highlander, it’s about the game, and having fun.

Sophie P concurs.  “”It’s fun because even if you don’t get the chocolate, you laugh a lot.”


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