Class Profile: Basketball

bask05“Why wouldn’t I take this class?  Basketball is fun!”

That’s the straight forward response from 16-year old James J, when asked why he’s taking basketball.  Indeed, the class is mostly about fun.  While there are skills to learn, and goals to achieve, the kids get to spend a lot of time scrimmaging.  “We play a lot of fun games and stay active in this class,” said Kevin Q.  “We don’t just do drills and games, but we work on everything without being exhausted.”

Tyler Downey, a first year staff member, is one of several basketball instructors.  “I like teaching this classbask03 because I get to teach all of the skills I acquired as a kid, and share my experience with the campers.”

“It’s great to be able to practice my shots in class,” said Noah, who hopes to be part of the Pok-O team later this session, when the boys play Camp Lincoln.

Veteran Pok-O hoopster Joe Z, rarely a man of many words, gets right to the heart of camp class philosophy when asked about basketball class:  “I can improve at basketball in this class!”


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