Class Profile: Crafts

crafts08It’s the best of both worlds!  A scenic view of the mountains, woods and field, all the while enjoying the cool indoor temperature.  That’s the setting for crafts class, one of the most highly attended at Pok-O-MacCready.

“Crafts is super chill”  – Julia D…  “Crafts is the best since you get to have fun, and be artsy.” – Tess… “It’s a fun time to relax, and enjoy yourself.” – Sophie P

Crafts (or Arts and Crafts at some camps) has always been a popular summer camp program, largely because there is a definitive goal in completing a project, with plenty of room for interpretation.  “One reason that I think so many like crafts class,” said Laura Potel, one of several instructors, “is that you can express yourself in so many ways.

crafts02“That’s why it’s fun to teach, because you see the campers reach out and be creative.”

The campers could not agree more.  “The best thing about crafts is that you can embrace your creativity,” said Sienna, with Elsa adding, “In this class, you show your true imagination.”  Eve G takes it a step further:  You can be abstract.”

From ornate wood carvings, to jewelry, and simple drawing and painting, crafts will always be a hit because, in the words of Annie C, “you do real cool stuff!”

Tomorrow:  A look at tennis and basketball


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