Baseball Split

LincBase20It was an afternoon of success for the road teams, as Pok-O-Moonshine, and Camp Lincoln split a pair of baseball games.

AT LINCOLN:  Camden led the way, pitching three scoreless innings, and adding two hits, including a home run, as Pok-O cruised to an easy 9-1 win over the home team.  “It was a good game against Lincoln,” said the game’s star.  “Not as competitive (as baseball at home), but still had that competitive feeling.”

Ryan R and Quinn also pitched well, while the entire lineup spread out the offensive evenly, garnering plenty of hits, walks and runs.  “They weren’t so good, so we beat them by a lot,” said Max C, who played first base, second base and outfield.  “It felt good to beat them at Lincoln.”

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Despite the big win, the younger Pok-O players kept the whole experience into perspective.  “Everyone that LincBase08wanted to play, got to play,” said Camden, with Max adding, “Mostly, it was a lot of fun!”

AT POK-O:  An undersized, overmatched Pok-O squad managed very little in the way of offense, as Lincoln rolled to a 5-0 win.  Pok-O got decent pitching from starter Brandon, along with Adam and Joe, each of whom recorded several strikeouts, but Lincoln had several key run-scoring drives, including a mammoth two-run home run that one long-time Pok-O-Lincoln historian called “one of the three longest I’ve ever seen on this field.”

The Pok-O team was inexperienced.  “I only play baseball when I’m at camp,” said Makalu, with Max S taking it one step further:  “I’ve never played before!”  After hitting a foul ball, June was heard by all saying “I actually hit the ball!”

As cliche as it may sound, Pok-O truly took a it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game attitude away from this game.  “It was an interesting game,” said Daniel.  “It’s always about having fun with teammates.  Don’t worry about the score, just about laughing and having a good time.”

The two two will have rematches with Lincoln on Friday. SEE TEAM PHOTOS and ROSTERS HERE


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