Rookie Camp

Rookie02While the title may suggest a different program, section or even camp, Rookie Camp at Pok-O-MacCready is merely a classification for a small group of first year, short-term campers.

“We had talked about Rookie Camp for years”, stated director Sarah Disney, “and finally implemented it in 2013.  In short, it’s an opportunity for first time, younger campers, to ease into Pok-O.”

Rookie camp has been a hit from the get go; In the first year, several kids opted to stay longer than the usual two weeks.  In fact, Tor signed up for two weeks, increased that to four, and eventually ended up staying for the full seven weeks.  “The more I stayed, the more I really liked it,” he said.

While it’s tough to leave home for the first time, a majority of this year’s rookie campers have embraced the concept. “I like it here but I’m also OK with going home,” said Toby.  “But I miss not doing Indian Games, Greek Games and the ‘bucket’ (The Great Escape).”

funday01Olivia is fairly certain she doesn’t want to miss anything.  “Everything’s been fun, and I want to stay another two weeks because I wanna have more fun!”  Added Kate C:  “I want to stay for four (weeks) because I like camp, I’ve met some friends, and I want to meet new friends!”

Jerry is trying to keep things in perspective.  “I’m sort of happy (with the arrangement) because two weeks is a good start.  But I’ll miss some of the things they’ll be doing.”

Sarah Disney is quick to remind families of rookie campers that, “if you would like to extend your stay, we are very flexible with the schedule and would be happy to work out a deal with anyone.”


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