Happy Hikers

girlsdayhike07All of Camp MacCready’s campers and counselors headed into the woods, and on to the water Sunday for an afternoon of wilderness trips.  They could not have picked a more spectacular day!  “OMG, Gothics was beautiful,” said Maddie L.  “Especially the view from the top.”

Maddie was on a long day trip to the Lower Range Trail, a cluster of four high peak 46ers.  She was the youngest camper on her trip.  “I really liked hanging out with the C.I.T.’s, who were nice to me.”  Elizabeth concurred:  “It wasn’t too bad at all, and we had really great people on our hike.”

Taylor climbed Pok-O-Moonshine mountain, not fare from camp, where “I loved the view, and the fire towgirlsdayhike04er!”

Another peak with a tower is Lyon Mountain, in the northern Adirondacks and the MacCready trip there received rave reviews.  “It’s not a 46er but it’s close,” said Helena.  “It had the greatest view from the top, and it was also very pretty getting there.”  The Lyon Mountain trip was co-lead by Camp MacCready director Missy Livsey.  “We couldn’t have asked for a better hiking day.  It was beautiful!”

An indication on just how successful Sunday’s hikes were was realized Monday morning at breakfast.  While Sunday’s hikes were mandatory, all upcoming trips are optional.  Yet, the line to sign up for this week’s trips consisted of over half of the kids at camp!

(also see Photo of the Day)


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