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As a break from the regimented schedule of weekday classes, campers take an extra “club” period each Saturday morning.  Clubs are decided to be an entertaining, fun break from normal classes and, judging by the counselors recruitment presentations to the campers, entertainment is an understatement!

Campers got to pick any club they wanted.  “I went with Medieval Times,” said James S.  “It was fun and also ‘arts and crafty’.  We got to make our own things.”

clubs18Gillian thought that Yoga on the boat docks was “both relaxing and fun.”  By contrast, another waterfront activity – the Ninja Club – was frantic.  “We did all sorts of things,” said Ethan, “like throwing Frisbees® at crates, and having fights on the water trampoline.”

Amelia took part in Hunger Games.  “We had to run a lot, but it was fun and I also did archery where I got two bulls eyes.”  As is often the case with clubs, the campers were left wanting more.  “I did the Bare Mountain blindfolded hike,” reported Owen G.  We ran out of time and didn’t make it to the top, but it was a lot of fun.”

Clubs will resume next Saturday morning.

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