Movin’ and Shakin’


In the time honored tradition seen at the close of Vietnam, WWI, WW2 and the Civil War,  The Revolutionary War ended with the soldiers from both sides taking part in a difirstdance03nner and dance celebration.

Following Friday’s Rev War, won by the British, all generals and soldiers (counselors and campers) attended a rib and chicken barbecue, and an all-camp dance.  “It was really fun because it was oud, and I knew a lot of friends there,” reviewed TamrinJackson liked the music, especially “Summer” by Calvin Harris, and “Intergalactic”, although “they played that song after we left, but I heard it from my cabin.”

All in all, the party was a great day to wind down after the stress of war.  “It was very fun,” said Olivia, “because we got to dance, plus we had some free time.”


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