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ClassBegin02Camper classes began Wednesday morning, with the boys taking three courses each morning, and the girls attending two morning, and two afternoon activities.

The session #1 schedule is now posted in our secure parent’s login section.  Camers will still have a few chances to make changes, so the online schedule is subject to change.

How do the kids like their classes so far?:

George M (Basketball):  “I’m really excited for the Mountain Dew® challenges at the end”

Lily:  “I’m really excited to make new friends, and especially excited about volleyball, since it’s awesome.”

Paige:  “I’m most excited for sailing because I’ve never done it before in eleven years at camp.”

ClassBegin05Daniel S:  All of the classes are awesome and I had a tough time picking classes because they’re all so great!”

Gillian P:  “Classes are exciting because you get to meet everyone and do new things.”

Noah:  “It’s (Basketball) really fun because we raid the other classes with water balloons!”

Maya:  “I’m most excited about pottery because you get to mold and make pieces that are your own, that nobody else can make or tell you to make.”

Owen G: “I can’t wait to get back to Blacksmithing to work on new projects.  And music is great to improve on my skills.

Hannah Br: “Hike House is awesome!”

Max:  “Biking is a fun challenge and I’ve got a cool helmet.”

Dakota:  “Hike House is the best to T.A., and all of the other classes are awesome to take!”

Click on gallery below and see CAMPER CLASS SCHEDULES here


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