British Blowout

revwar08“We have successfully returned to unrepresented taxation!”

That was the boast of British monarch King George III, as his troops easily toppled the Colonial army at the 238th annual Pok-O-MacCready Revolutionary War.

Staged in four different, and largely one-sided battles, The UK held most of the cities, and most of the prisoners throughout the afternoon.  “I got to hit other people, and we got to get the flag,” is how British soldier Olivia simply summed it up.  Ben S was even more direct:  “Well, we played good offense, and we played good defense.”  (Hit more link for additional pictures and quotes)

revwar15How was it that the UK was able to score such a lopsided victory.  That answer depends on who you ask.  “They had a lot of big guys, and some of them cheated,” griped one American, who chose to remain anonymous.  On the other side, Elsa claimed that “they (British generals) about strategy and having enough people to guard and attack.  It made it fun!”

Fun is what everyone on both sides of the conflict had.  “It was really fun,” said Quinn (USA).  “It was great dodging flour hawks, and one time we took a city with only three of us.”  Ireland, who was not British, liked “hitting people with the flour ‘socks’,” while Lizzy added that “I got one flag but it was really about having fun.”

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