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Hot weather and a blazing bonfire added sizzle to an already fired up group of campers, as Pok-O-MacCready’s 2014 Indian events officially began with Tuesday’s opening council fire.  The usual five tribes – Cayuga, Mohawk, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora – were joined by a larger, more anxious group in white:  the new braves and princesses.

Cayuga   Mohawk   Onondaga

Seneca   Tuscy   firstFire08

After silently marching into the council ring, the members of the Iroquois nation watched a dance and listened to a story.  “It was cool that everyone was dressed up as an Indian,” remarked first-year camper Cole.  Other observations came from Jerry “It was very, very odd.  That rag (counselor/Indian loin cloth) was way too thin,” and Aryanna:  “When they were yelling ‘Silence!’ it was supposed to be scary, but it was funny.”

No doubt, the highlight of the evening was the naming of new campers to their respective tribes.

“I think the council fire was great.  I liked the story and we got some good people on our team,” said returnee firstFire10Peter B.  Abbi, is on the Mohawk, who finished fifth in last year’s final standings.  When asked if the tribe will improve in 2014, she said “Probably, because we got a lot of new kids who seem good.”

Indian Games is, for many, the unquestionable highlight of the four-week session and Aidan is happy to be part of it.  “I was a three-weeker last year.  Now, I’m happy to be a four-weeker because it seems like Indian Games will be fun.”


As the schedule of competition was announced, and the new campers were welcomed to their tribes, the anticipation could already be felt.  “Everybody is already planning about who’s is going to do what,” said Remi, “and who is going to be Chief, and Sachem, etc.”

Coming off of the closest finish in the history of Indian Games last year, the first 2014 event – the Track Meet – is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.  (See full list of competitions HERE)


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