Crazy Relay Races

They emerged on to the MacCready ball field sporting shirts of different colors and designs:

fieldrelay19   fieldrelay18   fieldrelay17   fieldrelay16   fieldrelay15   fieldrelay14

It was the 48th annual Camp MacCready relay races, held each year the day before classes begin, and a few days prior to the opening Indian Games competition.  Every girl in camp particpated.

The list of relay events was as diverse and colorful as the outfits themselves:


Wheelbarrow Race

Tree Rock and Bridge

Shoe Throw

Dizzy Bat & Helmet

Sponge Into Mug

Cracker & Camp Song

Neck Tennis Ball

Moby Dick


Leah B:  “I did the Dizzy Bat.  Twice.  Talk about vertigo.  I was, like, ‘dead’ at the end!”

Maillane:  “I like how the counselors dressed up; especially Alaina’s roller blades.”

Sierra:  “I was on the stripped team and had to make stripes with duct tape.”

Gillian:  “I liked the Graham Cracker event, because I was hungry.”

Nina:  I was on the pink team, which was good because I have all sorts of pink clothes to wear. I liked it all!”

Click on the gallery below, and check out a Dizzy Bat relay VIDEO HERE


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