“It’s Like Coming Back Home!”

Pok-O-MacCready’s 2014 staff orientation, known as “pre-camp” is in full swing.


Lifeguard Training

“So far, It’s been a lot of fun!  The staff is really nice and has reached out to me and made me feel welcome.”  That’s was the review from Sarah Green, a first-year counselor.  “Meeting the counselors, and getting close to them,” is what Tyler Downey, another camp rookie, mentioned.

As for staff veteran Jon McDonald, a section head at the boy’s camp, 2014 marks the return to Pok-O-MacCready following a three year layoff.  “It’s like coming back home!  I got back into the swing of things immediately.  Plus, so many of my former campers are now counselors, which is so cool!” In just a few days, counselors have already gone through professional training and received certification in life guarding, first aid, and wilderness leadership.

The staff has also attended a seminar in class instruction and activity leadership.  Every exercise the staff takes part in focuses on one primary topic of orientation:  The fun and safety of the campers, who arrive June 29. One of the week’s annual highlights is the announcing of section assignments.  “I was a little surprised, but definitely psyched to be assigned to ADV (Advanced Section),” said Sebastian Moody.

Second-PreCamp03year staff member Sofia Oliva has been promoted to section head, in Highlander, for 2014.  “It’s a lot more responsibility, especially being in a new section, but now that I know who my counselors are, I feel a lot better!”

Certainly, one of the strangest pre-camp experiences is for the former camp/first year counselor.  “It’s been kind of weird,” said Maya Bridgewater, “because sometimes you still feel like a camper but you have to remember you’re not, and you have a lot more responsibility.”

Still to come during the orientation period:  A new counselor hike and campout… role playing skits… setting up sections and class/activity areas… lessons plans… a camp “rehearsal day”… and a well deserved staff day off, where counselors will recharge their batteries for opening day.

And throughout pre-camp, the most prevailing feeling is that of anticipation for the camper’s arrival. “I can’t wait for the kids to get here, and also the Greek Games,” mentioned first-year counselor Dan DeMaria.  “Very excited to meet kids and everyone else,” said Sarah.  And Skip, who has been on the staff for over 30 years, added that “the look on both campers and staff faces when the kids get off the bus, that never gets old!”


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