Summer Camp Packing List: What to bring (and not bring) with you to summer camp.

Summer Camp Packing List 2014

Dust off those suitcases: your summer camp packing list is here!  You had better start now because summer camp will be here before you know it!

We also found some great articles today about what to pack for summer camp (and some handy hints about what NOT to pack, too!)

Of course, if you’d like to see the official Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camp Packing List,
you can find it right here.

summer camp packing list


Summer Camp Packing List:


**REMEMBER: All articles sent to camp with your child must be marked with name tags or indelible ink.**


Pack 10 pairs of socks.
Pack 10 pairs of underwear.
Pack 8 t-shirts.
Pack 6 pairs of shorts.
Pack 2 pairs of pajamas.
Pack 2 sweatshirts (not for hiking).
Pack 2 pairs of sweatpants (not for hiking).
Pack 2 fleeces or wool sweaters.
Pack 3-4 pairs of jeans/pants.
Pack 2 swimsuits.
Pack 1 waterproof raincoat (Gore-tex is best).
Pack 1 warm jacket.
Pack 1 baseball cap or sun hat.
Pack 1 wool or fleece hat.
Pack 2 pairs of sneakers.
Pack 1 pair of hiking boots or trail shoes.
Pack 1 pair of sport sandals.
For Girls:
Pack 2 skirts, dresses, or dress pants.
For Boys:
Pack 2 pairs of dress pants or dress shorts.
Pack 2 collared dress shirts.
Pack 2 neckties (for the 15-16 year old Advanced Section only).

Note: Laundry goes out once per week. There is a one day turnaround on clean clothing, so
campers do not need a lot of extra clothing.



Pack 2 water bottles.
Pack 1 container of sunscreen (no spray bottles).
Pack 1 small backpack for around camp (important!).
Pack 1 flashlight with batteries.
Pack 4 towels and 2-3 washcloths.
Pack 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases, and 2-4 sheets.
Pack 1 laundry bag.
Pack writing paper/pen/envelopes (pre-addressed and stamped for younger campers).

Additional equipment for Horseback Riders:  Please pack riding boots, jodhpurs (optional), riding jacket (optional), riding helmet with chin strap (approved by U.S. Pony Club, Inc.).  Furthermore, a protective vest is strongly recommended.

Additional equipment for Hikers: Please pack a backpack, sleeping bag, and an extra water bottle.

Additional equipment for Mountain Bikers: You may want to bring a bicycle (optional) and a helmet.

*Equipment such as riding boots & helmet, biking helmet, and other sports gear is available at
summer camp for campers to use. It is not necessary to bring the equipment with you to summer camp in order to play the sport.


Pack a hairbrush and a comb.
Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste.
Pack anti-bacterial soap and a soap dish.
Pack a nail file and nail clippers.
Pack shampoo and conditioner, as well as hair ties.
bathrobe (optional), shower tote (optional)


Camera, camera charger and/or batteries, memory cards
tennis racket, lacrosse stick,
fishing pole, fishing tackle, other sports equipment
daypack or frame pack, musical instrument
portable music player & earphones (NO electronics with a screen)
insect repellent (lotion only, <20% deet)
reading material

* No firearms and /or archery bows are allowed to be brought to camp

**REMEMBER: All articles must be marked with name tags or indelible ink.


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