Returning from Summer Camp: the comforts of Home

Camper survey:  What’s the first thing you want to do when returning from summer camp?

survey about returning from summer camp

returning from summer camp

Returning from summer camp can be quite the culture shock after being away from home for so long.  Our campers are excited to see their hometown friends and family, though. When asked what they were looking forward to upon returning from summer camp, some of their responses included: Go hiking… Eat Chinese food… Add camp friends on Facebook… Water skiing… See brother’s poison ivy… Eat KFC.

Also:  Play golf… Use all of my electronics… Go bowling…. go to The Great Escape… Eat Twinkies… Deep sea fishing…

And our favorites:  “Curl up in a ball and think about camp”… “Tell friends to come to camp”… “Sign up for seven weeks next year”.


It can be hard to understand how your camper is feeling upon returning from summer camp.  Some parents have reported zombie-like behavior from their children in the initial stages of the “post-summer-camp-funk”.  We think the technical term is “decompressing”.  True, your child may require oodles of sleep when returning from summer camp, and even exhibit changes in appetite…but it’s important to remember that it might take some time for them to adjust back to their home routine and environment.

Some things that may help in the transition is, easily enough, talking about summer camp.  Have them rekindle their favorite highlights of the summer, find out if they took any new classes or programs, have them tell you about their new summer camp friends and see if maybe they can meet up on the off-season.  Start asking about what they’re looking forward to most next summer (and no, it’s never too soon to ask that question).  Summer camp can be an important component of a child’s development, and keeping the conversation open about summer camp all throughout the year can help enrich the overall experience.





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