Peloponesian War

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”
– Plato

The Pelopon13PPwar04esian War, which was created at summer camp in 2003 as “The Renaissance Game”, has become the standard closing battle for the annual Greek Games.

Nearly as complicated, if not more, than the world’s most complicated game, the war is unique from other camp “big games” in that it is held on the MacCready field, where virtually everything is in full view.  “I loved that I could look out my office window,” said camp’s financial director Scott McIntyre, “and see every kid running around and flour hawks flying all over the place!”

Flour hawks, projectile socks filled with flour, are just one component of a game that includes gold coins, capturing players, capturing fortresses, and treasure hunting, to name a few.  “It was awesome,” raved Sophie P, “and separate from other games.  We got to throw flour hawks.  We didn’t capture a lot of flags, but we did get the fifth treasure.”


Added Sophia M:  “I liked trying to capture flags, and the treasure part.  And, we captured a ton of warriors!”13PPwar07

Following a fourth place finish in Tuesday mornings Odyssey, Troy came back for the win in the Peloponesian War, the second victory in 24 hours for the city state.  “It made this the best Greek Games so far,” gushed Leah B, of the winning Troy squad.

Elrick, of Argos, understood that “It was very entertaining.  A few changes in the city sizes made the game crzy.  And, the Heroes (counselors) are the best!”  Max C, who stole the Argos flag for his own Athens team said, “It was so much fun because, this year, it was extremely chaotic!”

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