The Battle Begins!


13Trojan15The first of three fierce contests to decide the 2013 Greek Games champion, was staged Monday evening at the Pok-O Plex®.  Members of the four city states – Argos, Athens, Sparta and Troy  (see pictures here) – gathered for the Trojan War.  “My favorite part, said Sophia H, of Troy, “was when I hit people with spears and arrows!”

Arrows and spears???  What sounds like a fierce battle is really a derivative of the camp game “Black Line”, which in itself is a derivative of the game Dodgeball (“Dodge, duck, dive, dip.. and dodge.”).

“It’s a better way to play Dodgeball,” according to Mike D, of Athens.  “Although, it can hurt, if you get hit in the face!”

Like so many long historical wars, this one ended with no decisive victor, as Sparta and Troy tied for first, followed by Argos, and Athens (keep up to date on Greek Games results).

(See a video of the Trojan War HERE)

“It was so much fun,” reviewed Wyatt D (Troy).  “It was awesom13Trojan05e, and I wish I could play again!”

Paige G (Sparta):  “It was exciting, especially when we won against the Trojans!”

Following the round-robin tournament, there was an exhibition match between the campers and counselors.  “The game itself was fun,” said Ryan V, “but the counselors vs. the campers was insane!”

Greek Games continues Tuesday with two more competitive events, followed by the Greek feast.


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