Pok-O-Mac Hoedown

Campers returning from their various parent’s day outings, along with those who remained in camp, al13NorthFair01l gathered in the early evening for the 109th annual North Country County Fair.

The fair featured booths, presented by all sections, including Corn Cop Eating… Guess the Weight… Horse Shoes… Ring Toss… Cup Stacking… Tattoo Parlor… Sunflower Seed Spitting… Balloon Darts… and Frisbee Toss.

As popular were the standard fair food fare, such as corn dogs, french fries, snow cones and, of course, friend dough.  As for dessert:  “I won a lot of candy,” said Ross.  In fact, a lot of kids won stuff.  “I liked the cup stacking,” said Sydney, “where I won a rubber ducky!”  While Annie C didn’t win a duck, she still received one.  “I won a lot of tickets and got a lot of stuff, but the best was a rubber duck that my brother Harrison gave me.”

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Following the fair, campers all headed into the dining hall to continue the North Country tradition with a spirited game of Bingo.  It didn’t take much for this simple game of matching the numbers to entertain the campers:  “I liked it,” said Celia.  Especially when we did the ones that weren’t straight lines.  I also like the songs and dancing.”

The between game dance breaks have long been a hit at Bingo.  “I had fun at Bingo because of the all of the dancing and stuff,” reviewed Annie C.  “And the counselors were funny!




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