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13moonshiner10The summer’s final “Moonshiner” was held Wednesday evening, with acts ranging in age from 5 to 54, presenting songs, dances, and other sketches on the Nevin Whiteley stage.

As always, the solo camper acts were the most impressive, with their mix of both courage and talent.  Noah G wowed the crowd with his performance of J-Z’s Public Service Announcement.  “I listed to it a lot at home to memorize the words (Noah’s sister vouched for that).  When asked if he thought his performance went over well with the audience (it received a rousing st13moonshiner13anding ovation, Noah said, very modestly, “yeah.”

Kelsey R also sang solo, performing Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl.  “My music teacher picked a few songs for our class,” said Kelsey, “and I learned all the words to that one.  I like singing and hope to do a lot more of it.”

Other evening highlights including the Senior girls adaptation of the tune Dumb Ways to Die, along with 5-year old Sam’s break dance.



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