High Stakes Pok-O


Money was flying all over the place Monday night, as Robinson Hall was transformed into a gaming parlor, fo13casino06r the 109th annual Pok-O-MacCready Casino Night.

“It was awesome!  The best part was the money.  I won a lot of it,” claimed Jackson W.

There was certainly a lot to win, with original cash notes ranging from $500 bills, all the way up to $100,000.  Good thing too; due to inflation, the cost of snacks was steep – a brownie alone cost 50-thousand – but the food was still popular with the kids.  “I didn’t play many games,” said Sterlin, who instead “just walked around and ate a lot.  But it was amazing!”

Natalia also liked the food, and most of the games.  “All of them, except Blackjack, where it was really hard to understand, and win.”

Looters and Outlaws

Looters and Outlaws

As for other camper favorites,  Sofia H said, “I won very much in all of the games, but the best were golf, and the memory game.”  Jimmy put the true essence of gambling into perspective:  “You were given two cards.  I don’t know the name of the game (Texas Hold ‘Em), but I won a lot, and had fun.”

Other standard casino fare included a stock market; horse races; craps; and roulette.

Despite all of the fun the campers had, thieves and raiders ended up walking away with most of the house money; consequently, the casino shut down at 9:00pm with hopes of recouping the cash, and reopening on August 4, 2014.



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