Pok-O-Palooza: a summer camp fave!

Pok-O-Palooza summer camp festivalMake 30 or 40 pizzas, procure some sound equipment and a band, set up 5 or 6 activity tents, get a ton of kids, a bunch of summer camp staff, put them all in tie-dye t-shirts and scatter them around a field…and what do you get?  Pok-O-Palooza!

Not only was Palooza a feast of delicious pizza…it was a feast for the other senses as well:  campers meandered around the field to partake in summer camp arts & crafts like face painting, jewelry making, summer camp trivia, fortune telling, and even painting the Pok-O ponies with the horseback riding staff.

For a more active experience, there were musical instruments and drumming circles, hula hoop contests, and bubble blowing.  A popular favorite, crate climbing, was available to the campers again this year throughout the event.  Carefully harnessed in and with a belayer on deck, Dean P., “crate climber” extraordinaire, successfully stacked and climbed a tower of milk crates more than 15 feet into the air!

We were lucky to welcome Mike McCann, (of the band Brothers McCann) to the Palooza stage as he provided a backdrop of smooth beats throughout the evening.  Campers and counselors couldn’t restrain themselves from this brush with celebrity and jumped up onto stage, taking turns at the microphone for some Pok-O renditions of “Country Roads”, “Wagon Wheel”, and “Hey Jude”.  Combining folk, rock, and pop music, the live music had the whole crowd singing and dancing well into the evening.

But all hippie festivals must come to an end…so now we wash off the face-paint, throw out that last uneaten slice of spam & pineapple pizza, and fold up the bell-bottom jeans until next year.

We’ll have some photos posted in the gallery soon so you can see what Palooza is all about…stay tuned!


















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