Blue & Grey Game: summer camp revisits the Civil War

Blue & Grey summer camp gameCamp was transformed into a Civil War battlefield yesterday afternoon as campers were pitted against one another:  North versus South…Union versus Confederacy…Blue versus Grey.

The idea is simple:  amass more points than the other team.  Points are gained by capturing the generals and members of the other team, and by having possession of the other team’s stronghold, marked by a flag, at the end of the round.  “Barricades” and “flanks” can be used strategically to overtake a stronghold, but they change hands as strongholds are captured and thus add another challenge to the game.  Each round begins with “The Big Start” in which the Union crests the hill (near “Cemetery Ridge”) and the Confederates gather at the bottom (near “Seminary Ridge”).  Flourhawks (socks filled with flour) are launched at the sound of the bugle and the battle begins.

“This game is very different from the Revolutionary War game we play…there are different advantages for each team…and overall it’s harder to capture a stronghold.” reports Justin B. 

blue grey summer camp union team

“I stormed a stronghold, but I didn’t have anyone else with me.  So, as soon as I got the flag, all the Union soldiers charged at me and I couldn’t defend the stronghold.  It all can change hands really fast.” said Eve…a Confederate soldier.

The Union was looking strong through the first two rounds of the game, but the Confederacy made a huge comeback in the third round.  “It really just came down to how many points the Confederates got for capturing people…which was HUGE in the third round.” said game organizer Georgia.  The Battle of Culp’s Hill bore witness to Jessa, one of our tiniest campers, as she singlehandedly charged the stronghold and captured the flag…a boon to the Confederacy.

blue grey game culps hillThus, the South prevailed: amassing twice as many points as the Union through the entirety of the game.  But after three rounds of war, one can get very jaded.  What better way to recover than with a pizza slam and hippie fest?  In recent tradition, the Blue & Grey game has transitioned into a festival of peace, love, and live music with campers cleaning up after battle and returning to the Junior Ball-field for Pok-O-Palooza, sporting the hippiest clothing they can muster.

More on Pok-O-Palooza, including photos, coming later!



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