Crux Climbing Competition

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One (of many) Pok-O-MacCready oddities is the fact that one of camp’s most beautiful, and spectacular building is hidden in the middle of the woods.

The Crux, is a state-of-the-art, all-season climbing facility, open to the public year-round, and to campers during the 13CruxComp03summer.  The climbing class is very popular and, on Thursday evening, Pok-O-MacCready climbers put their skills to the test with a mixed match with North Country Camps.

“This is not a competition,” Crux director Taylor Smith informed the kids from both camps.  “We will split up into mixed groups, where you will test yourselves in, and help each other with climbing, bouldering, belaying and knot tying.”

Veteran camper Jaida embraced the concept:  “It wasn’t really a competition, but we got to climb some of the walls blindfolded, which was fun, and not as hard I thought (it would be).”  Zach H also liked the Sensory Wall because “it was fun, and it allowed you to use all of your others senses.”

Sydney liked “Rappelling.  It’s a little scary at the beginning, when you step off, but then you get used to it.”  Elrick13CruxComp01 took in the challenge of the evening.  “I enjoyed climbing to the best of my abilities.  It was a real challenge:  I did every wall and the more I climbed, the sweatier I got.  And the sweatier I got, the harder it was!”

“It was really fun,” said Hannah, who really liked the social side of the event.  “We got to know them (North Country Campers) and hear about their climbing areas.  One girl even said that, next year, she wants to go to Camp MacCready.”

Another mixed climbing event, involving the younger kids from both camps, is scheduled for Tuesday evening.

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