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flags The many flags decorating Robinson Hall represent the dozens of nations from which folks have traveled, to come to camp.  It’s a tradition dating back to 1905, when Pok-O was created as a place where International students, studying in the U.S.,  could come to in the summer, as it was too time-consuming for them to travel back to their homes.

Staff member Alaina Ring spoke with some of 2013’s international camp family members.

The Adirondack Mountains attract visitors from a wide array of far-reaching locations, both adventurers and those seeking a safe haven from the claustrophobia of metropolitan sprawl in the outdoors.


Prisca – Haiti

At Camp Pok-O-MacCready, international staff and campers have found a home. Open arms welcome travelers from far-off places into the camp family year after year. Both staff and campers come from places as far off as Peru and Haiti, Spain, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, Mexico, China, Russia, and France, all bringing something wonderful and new from their own culture.

Though they may be from extraordinarily different places and cultures, all seem to have found a home here. The remarkable people that seem to be drawn to camp make an easy transition. Ana P, a first year camper from Mexico, relates that when she first came to camp, “everyone spoke English and it was really hard to understand” but after a few weeks of busy events and classes, she proclaims, “I love camp!” Ana especially noticed an abundance of fun things to do and constant smiles from everyone around her, and language barriers fell away as new friends and round-the-clock activities filled the days.

Helena, 15, has come to camp for the first time, from Spain.  “I heard about camp from a friend and wanted to come and learn English and have fun.  And, I’m doing both,” reports Helena, who is at camp for all seven weeks.

Lucas, from Montreal, is also combining the joys of camp with the experience of a different culture.  “I am excited to learn English, but to aslso learn swimming, fishing and archery.”


Pabel – Peru

“The first thing I noticed? The songs,” says Pabel, a new member of the staff who has found the way to camp all the way from Peru. He spoke of the perspective that an international counselor can bring to camp, and how cool it is that campers will look up to someone who is from a completely different world. “It’s a fast pace,” Pabel said, “but once you catch up you really feel like you’re part of it all.”

Anya, from Russia, is back for her second year on the kitchen staff.  “I wanted to come to USA to see work and travel. This year I’m going to San Francisco.  I chose this particular camp because of it’s people and attitude and that’s why I came back!”


Christian – Hong Kong


Clarisse – France


Jaime – Mexico


Laura – New Zealand


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