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Conditions were perfect – sunny sky and temps in the upper 70’s – for a day-long wilderness trip.  The second session of the summer camp season kicked off the same way session #1 did:  with all boy’s campers going on hikes, climbs, and boat trips.

The weather, the selection of trips, and the attitudes of the campers combined for a rewarding experience for virtually everyone.  “I did the Pok-O-Sugalroaf hike.  It was easy, and quite pretty,” said Laurence.

Noah was also on Sugarloaf mountain, calling the climb “Very steep.  But it was quick, and fun, going dow13july31hikes03n, and it wasn’t at all ‘buggy’.”  Luki, also on the hike to Sugarloaf and Pok-O said “It was great fun.”  Although he comes from Austria, in the heart of the Alps, Luki said that his first experience with a camp hike was different because “sometimes I climb at home, but here everyone loves hiking!”

Some people hike for fun, some for exercise, some for pride, and some for beauty.  Sterlin, who climbed Rattlesnake Mt., seems to encompass it all:  “I was fast and was the first to get to the top.  There, I laid down, hung out, took pictures and enjoyed the view.”

Not all trips headed to the hills.  Many campers, including Marius, had a relaxing day on the lake.  “We were on the Long Pond trip.  We fished, but the fish didn’t come.  So we went to Indian Rock and cooked our own food.  It was a great afternoon!”

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