Opening Day: Part Two!

“I’ve been here for two winters, and two summers now, and the best part is seeing old friends and getting to do a lot of activities!”   – Shai


From the van arriving from Plattsburgh… to the van arriving from New York City… and all of the cars arriving in 13_3wkArrive05between, Pok-O-MacCready summer camp more than doubled in size Tuesday with the arrival of the session #2, three-week campers.

Between saying good-bye to their parents, and going through some preliminary waterfront tests, and nurse checks, the newly-arrived campers got to begin concentrating on why they’re really at Pok-O.  “I’m excited to be here,” said Amanda.  “Even though I look six, I’m really eight and I’m most excited for horseback riding.”  Added Lucas, from Montreal:  “I can’t wait to fish, to hike, to swim and to do archery.  Also:  To learn better English.”

13_3wkArrive04Even though camp is less than a half day old, the kids have already been busy.  “I’ve gone rowboating, fishing with a counselor, and ‘playaking”,” reported Cade.  For Nora, the first camp experience was more relaxing.  “I put my stuff on my shelf, read a little Harry Potter, and ate lunch.”

Over the next few days, the campers will begin class activities, go on wilderness trips, prepare for this weekend’s horse show, fight in the Blue-Grey game and go to a Palooza.  But first things first:  right now it’s time to get acquainted, something Jessa and Sophie K seem to have already done.  “We just met today but, already, we got to play in the cabin and become good friends!”



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