Another Summer Camp 46er! Our hiking tradition lives on!

summer camp hiking

Maddy M. summits her final peak in her journey to becoming an Adirondack 46-r!

Yesterday afternoon, atop Phelps mountain, Maddy M. became our summer camp’s newest Adirondack 46-er!

During many years at summer camp, she has participated in scores of wilderness hiking trips.  Yesterday’s trip allowed her to complete her hiking punch-list of 46 peaks above 4,000 feet in the Adirondack mountains of New York state.

“It was a perfect day…the weather was gorgeous…it was great to hang out with my other C.I.T.’s and summer camp friends…my parents were there all the way from Texas…it was just an AWESOME day.  It couldn’t have been better!” she says of her “Finish” hike.

As a new member, Maddy joins the largest branch of New York’s Adirondack 46-r Club;  the Pok-O-MacCready 46-r Branch, consisting of over 350 members affiliated with summer camp!

It doesn’t take long for many of our kids here at summer camp get bitten by the hiking bug and aspire to become Adirondack 46-ers.  Our summer camp wilderness programs for kids allow them to try new things, visit new places, and to challenge themselves to push their limits.

The question is:  who will be THE NEXT Pok-O-MacCready summer camp 46-er?


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