The Crux

Pok-O keeps climbing to new heights with the addition of the Crux Facility

In 2009, Pok-O-MacCready built a highly anticipated and exciting new facility, the Crux. A multiple leveled, indoor climbing gym to be used by campers during the summer and local rcruxComp205ock climbers throughout the year. The Crux quickly attracted numerous campers from all ages and has influenced many campers to embrace the rock climbing culture.

Before the arrival of the crux, campers used to take a double period climbing class and walk up Rogers road to the climbing tower in the woods. The tower had four walls; three were regular hold walls, and the fourth, an actual rock surface.

Now, the class takes a quick van ride up and down the road in order to fit classes into a single period. Rock Climbing is an extremely popular class among Pok-O campers, having 4 periods every weekday.

“It’s a class where you can climb and chill out when you want,” Jacob F. stated when asked about his experience in rock climbing. “It’s a cool environment that is physically demanding at times but can also be relaxing and creative.”

Features of the Crux include: the bouldering cave, 40 foot walls, four floors, and many unique wall features.

“I love climbing the 40 foot walls,” Grayson L. mentioned, “icrux2t takes a lot of technique and strength in order to accomplish them.”

“Playing games in the bouldering cave is awesome,” Jacob added, “you can challenge your friends to new limits and work together to solve a climbing problem.”

Taylor Smith, who works year round at the Crux and has taught climbing for a couple of years now, teaches all of the climbing classes. His mission is to give kids access to an extraordinary resource, the Crux, and to encourage all his students to practice and embrace climbing outside of camp.

“It’s a unique activity that requires most to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace the frightening experience,” climbing instructor Taylor S. commented. “It’s an amazing opportunity that all the campers have right at their finger tips.”

“Campers should take climbing because it’s a ton of fun and there is always things you haven’t tried yet,” Mike M. stated. “I chose climbing because I hadn’t climbed that much before.”

Climbing is one a most unique classes at camp with an incredible facility and passionate campers supporting it. Pok-O has come a long way from their old tower in the woods, now they have a remarkable experience for campers willing to challenge themselves.

Story by Oliver Moody, staff member.  Find out more about The Crux HERE

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