Iroquois Nations Rolas


“We put the people with the best handling skills on offense, and everyone else on defense.  I thought we’d do well because we have a good team, but I didn’t think we’d do as well as we did.”  – Jacob F, Tuscarora Chief

The Tuscarora dominated the Oldest Game Known to Man with an undefeated record.  With consistent play – mostly top three finishes – throughout Indian Games, the Tuscy’s are in great position to capture the overall title.

Iroquois Nations Rolas features five rolas, with braves trying to propel at least three of them into the oppositions base, to score a point.  Elrik, Chief of the Cayuga, provided one of the most electrifying moment’s in event history, with a one-against-six end-to-end dash to score a point for his tribe, which finished in third place.


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