Could it be the Year of the Mohawk?

13pathfind02Indian Days kicked off  Tuesday morning with a rousing, somewhat rainy rendition of the Great Indian Pathfinding, Skulking, Scavenging, Scalping, Foraging and Storytelling Game, also known as The World’s Most Complicated Game.

“It was thought ot understand all of the rules, but I had no trouble figuring out what I was supposed to do, and I even found a few scalps,” boasted Megan, of the Mohawk.

In the closest battle in anyone’s recollection, the Mohawk took the event by just 50 points over the Cayuga, 16,250-16,200!  “It was fun and challenging”, claimed Morgan also of the winning tribe.  “I did foraging, and then performed a haiku.”

The all-purpose event features a variety of tasks ranging from a scavenger hunt; a pathfinding course; lo13pathfind13oking for tribal bear grease; deer meat and flint; scalping; and performing tasks to please the White People.  None of it too politically correct in name, but lots of fun for the kids.

“I like the foraging and the scavenging,” said Wyatt, of the Cayuga, who finished in fourth.  “I got a few scalps and helped deliver the deer meat.”  Despite his tribe’s last place finish, Kevin, of the Seneca, said, “even though we didn’t do well, it was fun.  When we were foraging, we found our own deer meat.”

“Very funny,” is how Clarisse described the contest, while Ethan, Chief of the runner-up Onondaga said:  “I was really impressed with how well we worked together as a team”

The Mohawk has not won the overall Indian Games championship in ten years but, with this morning’s win, they have put themselves well in the hunt.


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