Family and Friends Come to Camp

13parents05“It was a great day and I thank my parents for coming to visit,” gushed Intermediate camper Gabe N.

Saturday marked visiting day for session #1 campers; parents and other family members began arriving at camp during breakfast.  “We were late last year so we didn’t want to disappoint Sean this year, so we got here extra early”, voiced Sean’s mom, Lisa.

Welcome hugs were the rule of the morning, followed by tours of camp, visits to activities, and lunch at the 109th annual Pok-O-Picnic.  “We stayed for the picnic,” reported 16-year old Ali, “mostly because my brother wanted to visit with old friends.  Then we went to the movies (Despicable Me 2) which was good.  My Mom and brother had a good time!”

Gabe also went to the mall, and the movies before having dinner at a lakeside restaurant, while Cam went to Ausable Chasm, a tourist destination.  “I loved it because I got to climb along the rocks and ride on the rapids.  But the best part was seeing my Mom!”

While other families stayed and played at camp, visited lake houses of friends, or went to area dining spots, those with no visitors also got to go to the movies.  “Fun to get away,” said Kate (read more HERE).

“I love Parents Day,” raved long-time staff member Ken “Squeaky” Herz.  “Not just because I get to spend time with my own family, but also because so many good friends from so many years at camp also come up to visit!”

In fact, the day proved to be a hit for everyone- even those with no visitors, or no destination.  “I stayed at camp,” said June.  “I didn’t want to go to a mall.  So I slept, I fished and I hung out.  It was relaxing and fun!”

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