The Pok-O Closed


It’s become one of the more popular camp events and, certainly, the camp competition event with the largest participation.  With the13closed06 rapid growth of volleyball over the past several summers has come the Pok-O Closed tournament:  Open to anyone in camp that wants to play; closed to all others.

“Pain in the Ace” captured the 2013 Pok-O Closed Thursday, winning 25-14 over “Sixty Percent of the Time, Every Time” in the championship match.  Eight teams – all coed, all ages, and all chosen by the campers themselves – took part in a round robin format leading up to the final four.  Here are team photos of all the squads:

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Even the players on teams that did not win many games had fun.  “I didn’t know what to expect going in,” said Riley, of the runner-up squad, but it was a lot of fun to get to the finals.”  Added Brodie, of “Mikes Soup VI”:  “It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot playing in the tournament.”

The championship match started tight, with Paine in the Ace holding a 10-7 lead, when Madison scored on a monster spike, which promptly motivated her team to a 10-0 run, all but sealing the title.  “I thought I played well, but as a team we played even better,” said Madison.

My teammates were so useful and helpful,” added Helena, “and helped us take control of the tournament.  And then, we actually won!”

Peter P stated that “we were pretty confident going in.  We had a few setbacks along the way but I’m super excited that we won.”

“It feels great,” concluded Sarah M.  “I’ve wanted to win the Pok-O Closed for so long!”

Check out the gallery below…  CLICK HERE for a full participant photo and rosters… and find many more full size images at our ONLINE GALLERY.


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