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Halloween is not for another 105 days, and the thermometer is sure to read a figure considerably cooler than yesterday’s13halloween08 88-degrees, but Pok-O-MacCready threw the calendar away and decided to celebrate Halloween in the middle of the summer.

Kids and staff dressed up and were treated to, well, many more treats than tricks. “I liked everyone’s costumes,” said Daniel M about outfits ranging from scary masks, to creative themes.

“It was a lot of fun because it was really spread out,” said Chad, with Isabel M adding, “it was good because there were a lot of activities.”

Among those activities were trick or treat booths, music & dancing, food, games and one location that was the clear place to be…. (Hit the read more link for more quotes and dozens of pics.)

“It was fun because of the trick or treating, and the booths were cool, but the Haunted House was both fun and scary,” said Cara.

13halloween30The Haunted House was set up and run by the Advanced Section.  “I was impressed by how quickly the ‘ADV’ put together the haunted house, and how good it was,” said Peter B.

“Terrifying and creepy!’   – Katya

“Creepy in a big group.  I can’t imagine how scary it would be alone.”   – Anika B-G

“No way I was going near there”  – Nina

In the end, despite a long line, most everyone got to go to the haunted house, and everybody had a great time at the Halloween Party.  “Two thumbs up!  Awesome event for a first time,” said camp director Sarah Disney.  “Imagine how good it will be next year when everyone knows to bring a costume!”

Click the gallery below for a wide selection of camper and staff shots, and check back soon at our secure ONLINE GALLERY, where camp’s ace photographer Erin DeBusk is posting hundreds of high-res pics of the Halloween party and many more camp activities.


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