Pok-O Eeks Out 8-7 Soccer Advantage

8-7 sounds like a close final score; exciting, with plenty of goals scored.

The goals were there Tuesday afternoon, as was the excitement but, in truth, the total tally represents two separate, and very different soccer games.

AT LINCOLN13LincSocc102:  A sterling all-around effort led the Pok-O-MacCready younger team to an 8-0 shutout win over the home team from Camp Lincoln.  “The guys played great defense, they passed well, and the goals were incredible,” raved Pok-O’s sports program director Greg Mele.

INTERNATIONAL EFFORTJaime, from Mexico led off the Pok-O scoring with an amazing goal, on a bicycle kick.  The rout was on, with tally’s by a slew of Pok-O Intermediates from many different countries:  Adam D (USA),  Matteo (France), June (USA) and two each from Makalu (Canada) and Damien (Hong Kong).  June and Dean P shared in the goalkeeping shutout.

“I thought we were all working well with our teammates,” said Matteo, with head coach Pabel Cardinas (Mexico) adding, “It was a crazy, and exciting game with all the boys playing hard.  I wish tSONY DSChey could have all scored.

AT POK-O:  A tight first half turned into a bit of a runaway in the later stages, as Camp Lincoln took a 7-0 win in the older boy’s contest.  Down 1-0 with just a few minutes remaining in the opening frame, the hot weather (88-degrees) caught up to Pok-O. Despite the loss, “It was a fantastic effort,” according to head coach Calum Renz (Scotland).  The game slipped away in the second half but everyone played hard; a special ‘shout out’ to Jay S and Luca.”

“There was a lot of hustle,” said Jay, with Luca echoing, “We put a hundred percent effort, but the balls just didn’t bounce our way.”

The two teams play again Friday afternoon.  “I can’t wait for the rematch,” said Renz.

More pics in the gallery below, and see team photos and roster HERE


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