Lots of Talent at Camp

13talentshow10As a departure from the weekly skit night Moonshiners, Pok-O-MacCready hosted a talent show Monday night on the Nevin Whiteley stage at Robinson Hall.

The acts were carefully screened to insure the highest quality performances for the audience of 150 who were allowed exclusive entry to the show.

Daniel M opened the show with a classical piece on piano (“I did my best but the piano did not have all 88 keys!”). Following Daniel, over a dozen singers, dancers and other talented performers showcased their abilities. Among them were the Highlander Section girls, performing an original lyric song about camp, complete with percussion cups.

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Remi performed solo, as usual signing a classic rock tune (Paul Simon’s “Homeward Bound”) accompanied by her uke13talentshow11lele. Asked why someone born in 2003 likes classic rock so much, Remi said: “I grew up with it. It was always on the radio. And I went to Mountain Jam and an Allman Bros. concert with my parents. I love it!”

The evening of stars concluded with Thomas and Nick singing “Dumb Ways to Die.” The tune, originally written as an Australian public service announcement for rail safety is “all over YouTube”, according to Nick. The catchy number was being sung by all, as they left the theater.

The performances were analyzed by a trio of discriminating judges, who offered comical praise, but did not score the acts.


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