Softballs and Scrums

Indian Games continued Sund13macrolas12ay with a pair of contests.  At the Pok-O-MacCready Rolas pitch, the princesses of the five Iroquois tribes faced off in a round robin Rolas tournament.

Rolas, the oldest game known to (Wo)man, is played with five spheroid shaped “rolas”, which players try to propel into the opposing squad’s “base”, while defending the other team from doing the same.

The Seneca were the overall event winners.  Maddie A. is the sachem of the defending tribal champions:  “We just all tried our hardest, and worked together, and made sure everyone knew what they were doing!”

The Tuscarora finished second.  “We didn’t win,” said sachem Sarah G., “but we stayed motivated the whole time, so I was happy.  And, we stayed hydrated.”  Annie C., a first time player, said “It was really exciting.  We all played hard.  I usually played offense, I scored, and we won most of our games!”

Rolas was the last competition for the girl’s camp prior to the start of Indian Days, July 22.



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