Riding away with Ribbons


Pok-O-MacCready took part in it’s first competitive horse show of the summer, faring quite well at Willow Hill Farm. 13WillowHill102“This was an excellent opening show if the year,” said Sue Bagli, director of the riding program.  “The girls performed excellently under some tough conditions.”

No tougher than, perhaps, the day Sierra had.  “My horse, Applejack, was not behaving.  All he wanted to do was get out of the ring.  And the horse in front of him kept kicking.  I tried my best to keep control of him and say, ‘No:  You can do it!'”  Added Bagli, “Sierra never gave up.  I was really proud of the way she rode.”

Two week into the camp season, and with several classes under their belt, this was a great chance to see how riders have come along.  “It was my second time doing walk-trot,” said Leah B.  “It was nice to see how well I, and everyone else, has improved.”

Sarah Judith, one of camp’s veteran riders, gave the show positive reviews.  “For one thing, no one fell!  An13WillowHill110d everyone worked really hard.  It was kind of challenging because, in some cases, people had only ridden only once… or not at all.  It went really well, actually.”

Bagli also singled out Cate M, for doing well on another problematic equine, while Nina M was cited for having a positive attitude throughout the show.

Next week, Pok-O-MacCready’s equestrian athletes- both two-legged and four- will take part in the Camp MacCready horse show, the first of two home events during the summer.  Tess, who rides at home in Connecticut, really enjoys the camp shows “because they are much more relaxed.  The one’s at home are stricter.  This was a lot of fun!”

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