Mohawk Make a Splash


It’s been ten years since they captured the overall Indian Games title; The Mohawk are a tribe in need of something big.  They may just have found that something Sunday on the waters of Long Pond.  The tribe in red captured the 109th annual Great Indian Boat Carnival.  The event took place simultaneously with the girl’s camp Iroquois Nations Rolas competition.

“We are happy,” said Mohawk Chief Joe Z., who believes his tribe has a chance to end the drought this year because “we have the most seniors, and the most experience.”

The boar carnival is comprised of a series of interesting events that utilize strength, skill and imagination:


“That was real fun, said Michael M., also of the Mohawk, “because I got first in the rowboat race, and we got first in the who tournament.  We did a good job!”

13BoatCarn17The Tuscarora finished a close second, just one point behind the victors.  “I was in three events,” said Damien, a seven-year veteran camper.  “My favorite was ‘Sink the Bismark’.  It was fun because we got to splash people.”

Third place went to the Cayuga, where Daniel H. had trouble catching fish, but “I thought it was good fun anyway.  It’s easy to catch fish if you have good bait, but most of us did not have that today.”

2012 Indian Games Champion Seneca were fourth with the Onondaga bringing up the rear.  When asked how his team will fare in Indian Days, Octave,, who competed in the Kayak with surfboard event, committed, “Maybe win; maybe not.”

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